Top 7 Internet Marketing iPhone Apps

Online marketing is a tough niche to stay on top in, and staying active in your field even when you’re out and about is often essential to success. These seven iPhone apps are designed to keep you in the know concerning what’s going on with your business and market, so as long as you have a mobile broadband connection, you’ll be connected and able to answer any questions consumers may have, as well as update your customers on new products and details.

HootSuite – Managing social information spread can be hard, but HootSuite makes it easy even on the go. The iPhone HootSuite app allows you to access several twitter accounts, so if you’re promoting your business across several accounts, you can gauge the impact your tweets are having on potential customers. Analytics are included in the HootSuite package, so if you actively use Twitter to promote your business, then you should definitely have HootSuite as your Twitter app.

Feedly – If you follow RSS feeds of blogs related to your niche and you want to get instant updates, then Feedly is the perfect addition to your marketing suite. It operates on the Google Reader backend, so if you’ve already got your feeds set up in Reader, then you can install Feedly and instantly enjoy getting access to your feeds in style.

PayPal – Most affiliate marketing programs pay their affiliate through PayPal. The PayPal app allows you to quickly send and receive money, as well as check your balance and transfer funds to your bank account. The PayPal app has recently added bump transfers, so you can transfer money quickly to those you come into contact with daily.

Analytics Pro – Have you ever wanted to check your Google Analytics while you’re out and about to determine if you need to make any changes? This app will cost you some money, but it’s definitely worth it since you can determine how well your marketing campaigns are doing no matter where you are.

WordPress – As any affiliate marketer knows, keeping a blog related to your niche up to date is absolutely essential. If you find yourself occupied and out of the house for more time than you’d like, the WordPress app can help you keep your updates flowing no matter where you are. Since content is king in the affiliate marketing world, the ability to produce content on a mobile broadband connection is absolutely essential to operating out of the office.

SEO Pro – How well you perform in search engine rankings really determines how much business you’ll generate. SEO Pro lets you monitor your Alexa ranking, check your ranking for certain keywords, and gives you an overall view of how well you’re doing on targeting keywords efficiently.

oDesk – Don’t have time to create all the content you’d like to keep your affiliate blogs up to date? You can use the oDesk network to outsource all your work and get the quality you want, delivered when you want it. This app is great for busy affiliate marketers and online marketers in general.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert where he specializes in mobile broadband, industry news, as well as the latest in wireless internet news and information.