Outsourced Programming, Web Apps Development and Webdesign

In this tough economic climate you have to be really smart about who you hire internally and who you outsource projects to. I personally went from have a large in-house tech team to work with, to hiring a good outsourced IT company to work on my projects. I started searching for tech companies and design companies about 3 years ago through all the typical online channels like sites and forums. I used a few different companies for programming and a few independent designers for my projects. I actually got some good work done, but there was a lot of flakiness from the designers and programmers I was using. Then I found Vtrio. Let me tell you its so nice to have a company that completes programming projects in days not months. I use them for all of my outsourced programming, web apps development, web design, and graphic design. It’s nice to be able to use one company for everything you outsource. And not to mention they are very affordable. Since they are out of Indian you have learn to work to with them to get the most production from them. All the guys at Vtrio are great to deal with. I have my own programmer to work with every day, as well as a full-time designer on my projects. I have been extremely pleased with their work and I highly recommend working with Vtrio on your programming and design projects. They designed and programmed my entire corporate site which you can view here. They have helped me develop all the web apps I have been dying to build all these years. This is bascially a glorified testimonial because I believe in sharing and not hording what I know and my connections. If you know me you will know this. So feel free to reach out to Vtrio if you have any programming or design projects that need to be completed competently, quickly, and inexpensively.

For more information you can contact Vinu at Vtrio.com. <- convert to email address obviously. Tell him Evan sent you for the best rates!

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