Experience Advertising Announces 2011 Holiday Affiliate Sales Contests

Experience Advertising, a leader in outsourced affiliate program management, has announced their 2011 Holiday Affiliate Marketing Sales Contests. Every year, Experience Advertising’s clients award exciting prizes and cash bonuses to affiliate marketers that win in their sales contests. This year, Experience Advertising is awarding prizes including Amazon Kindle Fires, brand-new luxury watches, and cash bonuses to their affiliate contest winners.

Chastidi Correa, Director of Business Development for Experience Advertising states, “We love to run affiliate sales contests because all of our affiliates get pumped up to win great prizes. We like to award prizes not only for the top affiliate producers, but to the most improved affiliates and best new affiliates in our programs. This way, a more diverse base of affiliate marketers are able to win in our contests and everyone feels like they have a chance to win just by producing 1 sale in the contest period. Running exciting contests with guaranteed prizes is another aspect that sets Experience Advertising apart from other affiliate agencies and OPMs. Our affiliates know that our clients value their affiliates and are willing to spend money on fabulous prizes without any conditions upon winning. We regularly get feedback from affiliates that our contests set us apart from other agencies managing affiliate programs.”

Experience Advertising states that running affiliate sales contests makes it fun and exciting for affiliates and always results in increased traffic and sales volume during the contest period and beyond. “What we see is a marked boosted in affiliate participation, traffic, and sales production when running affiliate contests for our clients. And our affiliates really enjoy the competition aspect and of course love to get their contest winnings” says Correa.

Affiliate marketers have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to deciding where to focus their affiliate marketing efforts. Experience Advertising maintains that running compelling affiliate contests is a great way to concentrate focus of the overall affiliate community on their managed affiliate programs. It is a key element in their efforts to grow their affiliate programs by increasing affiliate participation across the board and building affiliate loyalty for their clients.

Here are the companies participating in the Experience Advertising 2011 Holiday Affiliate Sales Contest:

WorldofWatches.com – Linkshare Network – 25 Watches – MSRP $995 Each

eWatches.com – CJ Network – 10 Watches – MSRP $995 Each

TheWatchery.com – Google Affiliate Network (GAN) – 10 Watches – MSRP $995 Each

HancockFabrics.com – CJ, GAN – 12 Amazon Kindle Fires

HubSpot.com – CJ Network – 7 Amazon Kindle Fires

IronPlanet.com/IronPlanetMotors.com – CJ Netowrk – Cash Bonuses to the Winners

Bestbuyeyeglasses.com – CJ Network – 7 Amazon Kindle Fires

PacificPillows.com – CJ Network – 5 Amazon Kindle Fires

DealYard.com – CJ, Shareasale Networks – 5 Amazon Kindle Fires

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Outsource Your Affiliate Managers for ShareASale Affiliate Network

Performance marketing, or affiliate marketing, is one of the most powerful and effective consumer acquisition tools available to online merchants. For publisher/affiliates, opportunities to open new avenues to merchants are a top goal. ShareASale offers elite marketing and a strong network that can optimize affiliate marketing strategies for merchants and affiliates alike.

ShareASale offers award winning innovation and service to merchants looking for an edge in their performance-marketing network. A merchant can customize a plan to fit its needs, whether it’s which actions constitute a commission and how much that commission is worth. Once you are part of the ShareASale experience you can choose from banners, text ads, links and other creative you make available for affiliates to choose from. Affiliates will be paid determined upon the rates you have preset and from your individual ShareASale account.

Publisher/Affiliates enjoy a network of over 2,500 merchants to work with. After establishing a marketing strategy, you can pick and choose from a list of reputable merchants to promote and begin receiving commissions from your work. Real time reporting allows you to track your success at any moment and all payments are consolidated from the programs in which you participate. Payments are made on time, through check or direct deposit by ShareASale. Affiliates can also preview merchants before signing up on the ShareASale web site. Allowing you to streamline your marketing strategy before making a decision.

ShareASale has a strict ‘no malware’ policy so affiliates and merchants will not have to deal with affiliates utilizing toolbars, adware or other desktop software. ShareASale also provides expert support in dealing with all accounts whether merchant or affiliate.

ShareASale has been awarded several awards, exemplifying the service ShareASale provides along with the level of respect it owns from within the affiliate industry and amongst its clients.

ShareASale offer performance marketing made easy. Merchants are trusted and well respected. Affiliates are safe and creative. ShareASale is committed to creating a community of performance marketing that ensures success for all parties involved.

If you are looking to launch an affiliate program on the Shareasale affiliate network, you should use an outsourced affiliate management agency like Experience Advertising, Inc. They have become the leading affiliate management company managing dozens of affiliate programs across a number of verticals.

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Top Affiliate Marketing Company Announced by TopSEOs.com

TopSeos.com, an independent Digital Agency review website, has ranked Experience Advertising the #1 ranked affiliate marketing company for the 5th month in a row. Experience Advertising, focuses on managing and growing affiliate programs for both large and small Advertisers primarily on the Commission Junction affiliate network, as well as Shareasale and the Google affiliate network. They are an OPM, or outsourced program managers, for dozens of Advertisers on the CJ.com network. Experience Advertising manages cost-per-sale and cost-per-lead campaigns on behalf of their clients, focusing on one-on-one affiliate management to gain the most affiliate participation possible. They specialize in recruiting affiliates into their affiliate programs through proven affiliate recruitment methods such as: cross-recruiting, site contacting, and email-based invites sent through the affiliate network. If you are looking for the best performing affiliate program management company, then you should definitely check out Experience Advertising, you can view a list of their current affiliate programs under management here.

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ShareASale 80’s Party at Affiliate Summit

Evidently, we’re all going through an 80’s thing in affiliate marketing (see previous post):


ShareASale Blog » Blog Archive » ShareASale Under the Stars (Like Totally) Party

Sunday January 11th

Time: 8-12PM

Drinks (including 80s ‘spiked punch’), light appetizers, party favours, disco balls, etc…

DJ will play us our favourite 80s tunes all night.”

One can only hope this madness ends soon.

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Brian Littleton on SAS’ PPC Policy


Brian Littleton, head of ShareASale, was in NYC for Ad:Tech and sat down with Shawn Collins, Missy Ward and Connie Berg to discuss a few topics including the network’s interesting “3 Strikes” PPC policy on AffiliateThing

ShareASale Blog » Blog Archive » Ad-Tech NYC, the Affiliate Thing Podcast, and the PPC “3 Strikes” policy: “I was also lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Shawn Collins on his ‘Affiliate Thing’ podcast at the Affiliate Summit booth. Also on board were co-Affiliate Summitter Missy Ward, and Connie Berg. We had a good time talking about some industry news, issues, and it gave me an opportunity to talk about our PPC ‘3 Strikes’ policy as well. Since September 1st when the policy became active, we’ve received a great amount of feedback and reports. I would also like to thank all of the affiliates who have really stepped up their efforts to make sure that they are in compliance with the rules at hand. I know how difficult it is to keep up with so many policies, and your effort is very much appreciated. We know there will always be mistakes, hiccups, etc… and will continue to do our best to determine the difference between an honest mistake and a continued violation. So thank you…. “

The show really is a good listen.

Here’s the mp3 or head over to GeekCast.fm for the streaming version.

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Jangro on Affiliate Networks and Social Media

Must read from Scott on why some affiliate networks “get” social media (or just social participation on the web) and some fail every time:

Affiliate Networks and Social Media | Jangro.com: “Commission Junction is, again, the only one missing from the party. Surely if Todd Crawford, Lisa Riolo, and Brian Caldwell were still there this would be a different story. Or me, for that matter.

It seems to me that the basic pre-requisite to a company attaining a successful social media presence is that they’ve got at least one person who is (a) interested and already heavily involved in social media, and (b) in a position that the company trusts them to represent.

How does that not happen at a company like CJ? This is not to judge (though I’m sure somebody will), but to ask the purely academic question, seriously, why?”

Personality, personality, personality.

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ShareASale’s Inventive Gift Cards Database


ShareASale has launched a really interesting new platform with the Gift Cards Database. Let’s face it… gift cards are the gift to give when you have no idea what to give. Plus, merchants love them given that the cards are such a money machine.

I’ll be interested to check in with the SaS team after the holidays and see how popular or successful this becomes. I have a feeling it could be a huge hit.

ShareASale Blog » Blog Archive » Gift Cards Database: “Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from our annual ShareASale Think Tank held a few weeks ago in San Diego, we’ve created a Gift Cards Database. Merchants are able to upload specific creatives that direct consumers to specific landing pages designed to sell Gift Cards – a popular item this time of year!

In similar form to the Deals Database, Affiliates can access these creatives from inside their Affiliate Interface as well as through RSS feeds and downloadable databases. Affiliates can also search for specific types of gift cards – and find/join programs that they might not have already been a part of.”

Additionally, it’s these sorts of platforms that will continue to make affiliate marketing more “mainstream” as large publishing sites turn away from CPM ad deals towards performance marketing given the economic slowdown. In a potentially bleak holiday selling season, this could be just the thing to make things a little cheerier for publishers.

Nice work, ShareASale.

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Open Sourcing PPC Policy Creation

I noticed from one of brianlittleton‘s tweets that ShareASale is putting together an “open source” PPC policy creation template…

Open Source the PPC Policy Creation – ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum: “One of the things that we will be doing is providing a list of things that a Merchant should and must consider when generating a ‘good’ PPC policy. For example, some Merchants consider things like their ‘domain name’, or ‘TM’, but don’t consider that same word in conjunction with another term such as ‘special’ or ‘vs. a competitor’ …

So – I am here offering and asking for a collaborative effort to generate a template/wishlist/helpsheet for Merchants who want to generate a policy.”

Lots of great stuff going on in that thread at ABW and it’s awesome to see a network reaching out to both affiliates and merchants in such a manner. Go over and participate if you have thoughts on the issue (and who doesn’t?!).

As always, nice work, Brian.

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Is the NY State Affiliate Tax That Big of Deal?

There has been much hand wringing in the world of affiliate marketing over the so-called New York state “affiliate tax.” However, as Trust points out on ABW, it doesn’t seem that 99% of merchants running affiliate programs care much…

How Are Merchants Finding Out About This? – ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum: “Looking at this list and I only see about 40 merchants (so far) which is maybe at most 1% – 2% of merchants with affiliate programs who have dropped NY affiliates. So was wondering if we have a whole bunch more coming and if all the merchants know about this or what. Or if it’s going to be an overall small percentage that drop affiliates.”

Is that a symptom of poor communication by New York state legal authorities, legal counsels, affiliates…or is this really not that big of deal?

There have been a plethora (literally) of blog posts in the affiliate-blog-osphere about the issue ranging from Shawn Collins and Linda Buquet‘s respective reporting to ReveNews coverage to Peter Bordes at Relevantly Speaking chiming in to our discussions on GeekCast to even networks like ShareASale offering strong and well thought-out advice for merchants.

However, merchants really don’t seem to be paying too much attention to all of this.

Once again, I defer to Trust on ABW:

I guess I was expecting a whole slew of new drop notices today, haven’t seen anybody post anything new. In the end if it winds up only being about 1% – 2% then that’s really not much at all. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how this turns out but at this point not as bad as I thought it would be. Time will tell.

Is this just the latest Froogle?

I’m not so sure. I do think there is a considerable need for affiliate marketers to educate and inform merchants about the viability and importance of the performance channel in terms of their bottom line, but “affiliate marketing” as we know it is SO wide ranging and dispersed at this point that it would take Microsoft creating their own loyalty program to get us to organize… oh, wait.

In other words, our conception of “affiliate marketing” (in my opinion) is rapidly evolving away from just the network/affiliate model that has served us well (and badly) for the last decade. “We” are moving into video, lead gen, offline, mobile, widgets, social media, search and all sorts of places that we didn’t envision a decade ago. I would venture to say that at least 75% of the people doing affiliate marketing don’t even know they are doing affiliate marketing.

I’m not arguing for a name change or anything of that nature. However, I do want us to realize that while the NY affiliate tax has certainly caused its share of fear and loathing, we need to realize that this industry has fractured and continues to move away from anything resembling an industry. Coming up with an organized group to represent its needs and views may be as difficult as getting merchants to address the NY state issue.

So here’s my take: Merchants are letting legal figure this out (if they even need to). We should be proactive but realize that interstate commerce is a very complicated subject and requires highly skilled lawyers (and such) to grok. I doubt if NY state’s tax will survive the appeal process based on my understanding of what’s happening, but I’m no lawyer.

In the meantime, it looks to be business as usual.

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